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come rub my beard with yours! [entries|friends|calendar]
David's Jaundice

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12 2 08



aryan melee (6:02:40 PM): i love you i miss you i love you i miss you i love you i miss you

and yes i have returned
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8 12 07

tribal bible (9:15:00 PM): is she hott :D
tribal bible (9:15:04 PM): how big are her boobs
a clock watched (9:15:20 PM): she's italian
a clock watched (9:15:25 PM): and I dunno.
tribal bible (9:16:09 PM): what you dont look at her boobs
tribal bible (9:16:13 PM): are you even a guy?
a clock watched (9:16:33 PM): barely.

30 9 07
tribal bible: this reminds me of you
tribal bible: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1eA3XCvrK90
aryan melee: how the fuck does that remind you of me
tribal bible: i dunno
tribal bible: random black guy
tribal bible: a computer
tribal bible: downloading
tribal bible: and you listen to rap sometimes
tribal bible: it reminded me of you
aryan melee: you're a freak

why the fuck dont we update anymore?!? [
14 9 07

talking to my friend mike, two days after september 11th:

tribal bible: knock knock
"mykol": who's there?
tribal bible: 9/11
"mykol": aw cmon
"mykol": i'm not doing this
tribal bible: do ittt
"mykol"): NO
tribal bible: its just for two seconds
"mykol": NO
"mykol": ok
"mykol": 9/11 who?
tribal bible: you said you'd never forget!
"mykol": oh that is pretty good

david [
17 7 07

a clock watched (10:32:26 PM): I'm not sexy
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sorry david [
1 7 07
aryan melee: i dunno if its possible but i think i burned my vagina
tribal bible: ewww
aryan melee: i know right
tribal bible: now you cant have normal babies
tribal bible: they're all gonna be burnt
aryan melee: HAHAHAHAH
tribal bible: aka
tribal bible: black

sweetest thing a guy can ever say to you [
26 6 07

"conradeza" (10:45:38 PM): If we're about to do it and I farted
"conradeza" (10:45:50 PM): Would that kill the mood?
"conradeza" (10:46:00 PM): I'm not going to lie, I'd probably start laughing.
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myspacial [
26 6 07

[ mood | humus ]

back in 12 Jun 2005

dane h.: its cuz im special
ALYSSAsia: eh
dane h.: the myspacial gland near my brain is bigger than the average humans.
ALYSSAsia: it sounds like something else though
dane h.: no..i have an overactive myspacial glandCollapse )

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26 6 07
The lnfanta was my old screenname. This is from early 2005.

schmeekin: yea suck my balls
The lnfanta: gross will god
schmeekin: fuh yu
schmeekin: my balls exist
schmeekin: acknowledge them
The lnfanta: NO
schmeekin: you know you have thought of my penis
schmeekin: haaaaahahahahahahahaha
schmeekin: we are friends but
schmeekin: you are friends with *censored*
schmeekin: and as you have said before
schmeekin: *censored* thinks of my penis
schmeekin: i find this all very funny
schmeekin: you shutter at the thought of my gladius

memo to david [
25 6 07

alyssa negative (9:00:50 PM): i made david a maintainer
"eynzlee" (9:01:17 PM): wtf he'll break shit
"eynzlee" (9:01:44 PM): if he breaks shit i'll be pissed

lol i forgot, censoring screen names doesnt matter (to me) anyway cause i gave everyone on my buddylist an alias
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25 6 07

My friend jose, and his love of Feist:

dostoevskys nuts (9:11:35 PM): oh god
dostoevskys nuts (9:11:51 PM): did i tell you what i though about today
dostoevskys nuts (9:12:18 PM): i thought about committing myself to going to a feist show and someway somehow getting to smell her hair and never fogetting that smell for the rest of my life
dostoevskys nuts (9:12:30 PM): please don't email this to her an dhave me arrested or banned from her shows

25 6 07
I never want to forget this conversation:

aryan melee: who thinks we should do game night every weekend? because i'm pretty sure i say yes
a clock watched: Yes. This definitely needs to happen.
aryan melee: GOOD
aryan melee: i wouldnt mind having it at my house but drinking is a no no
a clock watched: *shrug* no skin off my back.
aryan melee: i wish i didnt drink last night
a clock watched: whyssat?
aryan melee: because i cant remember specific details
aryan melee: and i only had three cups! lame
a clock watched: haha
a clock watched: dude, I told you you were drunk.
a clock watched: nobody listens to me
aryan melee: i dont remember!
a clock watched: haha
a clock watched: so what do you remember?Collapse )
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25 6 07
a clock watched: alyssa negative (1:24:01 AM): i think we should make a livejournal community
alyssa negative (1:24:09 AM): to us and anyone else we talk to
alyssa negative (1:24:14 AM): and just copy paste funny conversations
alyssa negative (1:24:18 AM): so when we're feelin down
alyssa negative (1:24:22 AM): we can look back and have some lols
a clock watched (1:24:34 AM): that's a good idea
alyssa negative (1:24:46 AM): copy paste that to ainsley cause im too lazy to retype and copy paste myself

aryan melee: HAHAHHAHAHA
aryan melee: which is funny too because i was just going to c&p you this:
aryan melee: alyssa negative: what does punkychikn freak mean
alyssa negative: also
alyssa negative: i just got back from the bathroom
alyssa negative: and while i was peeing i thought about that beard rubbing video adn then i thought of you and then i thought of the time i showed you and then i watched it and i started cracking up so hard while i peed and my mom ran in screaming "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?"
alyssa negative: im like "nothing" and finished peeing and cleaned up and now im here telling you this
a clock watched: hahahahahahhaha

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